By using this website and or products, services, advice on this website, you agree to not hold me or any of my affiliates/contractors liable for damages including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages that may occur from following the advice or ideas shared in my posts, newsletter, Facebook group, or website content, or with the use of any free or paid work that I share (blogs, podcasts, e-book, e-courses, private sessions, etc.). Information on this website is provided in a good faith effort to educate & help you improve your life and or lifestyle. However, each situation is different. Use your best personal judgement when making decisions based on things you read and see here.

All purchases are considered 100% non-refundable once the transaction is complete. Please refer to our refund policy page.

Terms of Use
All of the information provided on my website and the blog is a resource only and open to your own interpretation.
While I hope you have a great time enjoying the content, you are responsible for what happens when you manifest and create what you read or hear into reality, from this website and any of its services.
Free will determines how you choose to interpret and act upon the information/insight given in your reading and/or on my blog or any other of my publications/footage.

Your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing & Rights to Refuse Service
If you are diagnosed with a mental illness you are obligated to verbally inform me before the reading to determine if it is appropriate for you to have the reading at this time or whether it is better to reschedule the reading – more often than not, it will be totally fine to proceed but this open opportunity gives me the chance to let you know if spirit does feel you should proceed or if we won’t be a good fit ie you will react badly to anything I say, no matter how I say it. Some people do not cope with some of the information that comes over, so we should logically place where you are at. Whilst I will most certainly be told by spirit that you do have a mental illness, you MUST still tell me before commencement so that we are able to have an open and honest consultation with regards. You will be treated with the utmost respect.

If you choose to not disclose to me, that you have a mental illness, which is your right to do so, I am legally permitted to refuse service or make referral to appropriate services – particularly if I feel it is putting you at further risk.

If I pick up or spirit tells me you have a mental illness or that we won’t be a good fit for ANY reason, I can and will, reserve the right to refuse service. In the case, I refuse service because I don’t feel we will be a good fit, irregardless of mental state, I can choose to refund your money but do not have to – particularly if consultation, booking and or service has already been entered into.

If you have serious health problems requiring the assessment and treatment of a licensed medical doctor, it is likely I will refer you to the relevant services, regardless of what is said during a reading or service from Spirit. I do not profess to be a lawyer, doctor or any other professional licensed practitioner.

I have been known to help people become happier in their lives, after experiencing suicidal thoughts, however if you tell me during a reading that you have active suicidal thoughts, you should be aware, that I am obliged to contact the relevant health/emergency services, regardless of insight given.

If you come to the reading very sceptical and closed off to the possibilities of the reading being accurate or working with me, if you are coming to test me, spy on how I work, or come with any bad intention, spiritual or otherwise, then it is likely we won’t be a good match, although I have been known to turn many a sceptic around. In this regard, I can and will have the right to refuse service.

I also have the right to refuse service to any person that I have a bad feeling about or feel I am wasting my time and energy with.

You also understand that Luan has the right to cancel any class or service and does not have to expose herself to threats, harm, uncomfortable situation or otherwise.
She can cancel with little notice and without refund to you, particularly in the case that you have made the situation uncomfortable and therefore made it impossible to follow through with a service or class.

Persons who are mentally or emotionally unstable or just showing abusive, aggressive and or violent behaviour and lay harassment (this includes emailing, phoning, texting in excess and unnecessarily) towards myself and or any contractor will be reported to the authorities. Authorities can include the Police and Magistrates Court, WA.

Content of readings
It is up to YOU the client to remember and recall all content of your reading. You get what you get on the day for a REASON. The Tarot Witch® and the spirit/s can not and will not be forced or bullied into telling you what you want to hear. By purchasing readings you AGREE to these terms, conditions and disclaimers.
What you do with the information and insight that comes through is up to you, however, if you act against insight and advice given, The Tarot Witch® is not accountable for how your life is turning out.
The Tarot Witch® n does not judge clients for doing what they need to do or want to do but The Tarot Witch® is not accountable for actions that go against anything advised or otherwise. You as a human being make choices. We can only advise you based on what we see and are told on the day, your freewill and decision making with or against any advice is your own decision to make.

Privacy of messages on Social Media
Any privacy on social media is governed by those 3rd party apps and websites. The Tarot Witch® does have a personal assistant and admins on pages ie facebook, so when you message The Tarot Witch® , there is no guarantee of such privacies ie The Tarot Witch® being the only 1 to read the message.

The Tarot Witch® does not do followup for FREE. If you want to know more beyond what you have already been told, then you need to pay for The Tarot Witch® service. If you wish to clarify what The Tarot Witch® meant by something that was said, this is ok HOWEVER additional questions and digging is considered followup. The Tarot Witch® reserves the right to refuse both, paid or unpaid.

Sharing the contents of your readings
Sharing the contents of your readings IS NOT ALLOWED and should the sharing or stealing of such content cause The Tarot Witch® any defamation or distress, you are liable to any court or law proceedings that ensure, to seek resolution and compensation, whichever is applicable. Unless otherwise advised, in general, spirit/s suggest you keep your readings to yourself.


The Tarot Witch® can and will refuse you service if you are bullying, being rude, disrespectful, swearing and so forth. The Tarot Witch® is your professional spiritual advisor. She is NOT your friend, sounding board, verbal punching bag or otherwise. At any point you are deemed to be unfit to read for or connect with ie you are hearing things you don’t like or want to so become aggressive, your services will be cancelled. You DO NOT receive a refund of monies in these circumstances. If you CHOOSE to not control your emotions and to become out of control that is on you and your time, not The Tarot Witch® . If The Tarot Witch® “sees” that you will end up being an issue and feels she can not service you, you can and will now be refused service.

Additionally, The Tarot Witch® can recommend that you not receive any readings again or for some time period – in that case, it is your choice as to whether you wish to move beyond that and in the case that you do, that is your choice.

Third parties used with ill intent to gain information on your behalf or with the intention to cause issue etc are liable for refusal of service WITHOUT A REFUND. This means if you have been refused service and ask a friend to get a reading for you OR to test or entrap or intentionally trick to cause harm, you are also liable for legal action being taken against you. You agree by buying readings with The Tarot Witch® to be entirely honest and upfront with regards your intentions and dealings with The Tarot Witch® .

If you are late for your reading, that is on you. If you turn up 5 minutes before the end of your reading, then you only receive 5 minutes. Once that time is up ie 1 hour booking, it immediately ENDS then and there. If you wish to go beyond that 1 hour, you will have to pay for it on the day.
If you wish to go over time booked, and there is TIME available, you will have to pay to continue the service. If you continue to talk and ask questions during phone, live typed chat and so forth, Luan will offer you to pay for an extended amount of time and or will disconnect.

Copyright Policy
All work both creative, technological and intellectual on this site under the name The Tarot Witch® is contracted under & performed for The Tarot Witch® .

The work on this website is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Copyright License. You are free to share, copy and redistribute the material on this website as long as you follow these terms:

Provide Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Non-Commercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. EVER!

No Derivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

This license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material.https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode

You understand that The Tarot Witch® is a registered trademark and that you must not use it’s name or reference of unless given specific authorisation. You understand that if you use anything even similar or pretend to be The Tarot Witch® or similar you are liable for court actions and compensations etc.

Hold Harmless
As stated in my terms and conditions, all the information provided on my website, my blog, or in private and or group work with me is for educational & entertainment purposes only – although readings and services are always conducted with the utmost integrity, professionalism, intent of accuracy and genuine gift. You can not sue me for any free will actions that you make or create or don’t do with the information/insight and services received.
Talking to Spirits, just like talking to anyone at all ever, can be a risk – and it’s important that you are aware of that. Whilst Spirit has never failed me or a client before, occasionally clients do not act out on advice given or do not act out in the way directed (the reading was open to your own interpretation and you may therefore misunderstand).

Also, on rare occasions, you may only be given scenarios or paths based on certain free will or the free will of third parties. Not everything is set in stone and sometimes we are not meant to know every detail or final outcome because it could change your true path.

Whilst you are in my presence, all is done to ensure your safety, spiritually and otherwise, but you understand that you hold responsibility by entering into a service with me The Tarot Witch® or any of my contractor/s.

Privacy Statement
I definitely won’t be selling your personal information or placing you on some crazy spam list. If you sign up from my newsletter, you’ll get a minimum of one (1) email a fortnight for new blogs and then perhaps 1-2 others during the month when new events are released. That’s the absolute most. I do not share your information EVER.

Reserved Rights
While I don’t have any plans in place, I do reserve the right to change the focus of my website or any of it’s pages, shut it totally down and quit or change the terms of use at any time (making it paid to view, for example), or I may change hands, business names and that you are aware you need to check in on the website and it’s terms and conditions from time to time. I can do whatever I want, need to, whenever I please, without letting you know.

Feedback Legalities & Confidentiality
Whilst I do preserve confidentiality, in the unlikely circumstances you give me feedback I feel was untrue or not deserved ie you lie or twist the truth because you are angry at hearing something you didn’t want to hear, I reserve the right to show evidence to a Magistrate, Lawyer, Law Enforcement Officer to prove my innocence, the truth of details, the unfairness and have the right to sue you for damages to my name and business name and potential losses.

You understand that by making untrue statements ie something didn’t come into fruition and I definitely said it was going to, but the reading suggests otherwise, your reading is now null and void of confidentiality for the purpose of taking you in front of a Magistrate of the law of court in WA, Australia.

In the case negative feedback is left and you were NOT the intended recipient of the reading (the person who purchased it), you are liable for legal action being taken against you for privacy breaches and defamation to name just a few.

Also, readings are not confidential in the case where documents are requested by law.

Whilst I have a responsibility to YOU for confidentiality, you also have one towards me and your 1 on 1 service. AT NO POINT unless advised by me/my spirit, should you EVER share your reading with another human being. If you were meant to share information as outlined in the reading, then you will be told to do so and on what terms etc.

Clients are not permitted to print, screenshot or copy the contents of their readings in any way shape or form.

Exposing your personal reading, also exposes my 1 on 1 services to you. You have a responsibility to protect the contents of your reading via email, live typed chat, in person etc, even where 3rd parties are involved ie email services. NEVER share your password, emails, recordings etc with anyone else, specifically if the reading involves said person in a negative manner or light they do not see themselves. If they were meant to know the content of your reading, then you will have been advised to share the information.
Conflict of interests is for example one person asking for a reading and then someone they have asked about in their reading, also wanting a reading ie partners/husband/wife etc.

I have the right to refuse service to people spirit and I perceive as a conflict on interest or persons who approach me for a reading with ill intent ie knowing things were said about them in readings, that they did not like, for example. Whilst I am always happy to deliver the truth, even to those who do not want to hear it, it should not be done in the context of someone just reaching out to test me or play games or attempting any sort of entrapment or trickery. By breaking these terms and conditions you hold yourself liable for any defamation, or harassment that may result of your not keeping your reading confidential.
In the context that The Tarot Witch® knows a client is lying/testing due to seen or heard content of reading material, The Tarot Witch® has the right to refuse service. In this case there may also be a charge of $110 inc gst for a cancelation fee.
By buying readings from Luan, you agree that you are honest in your approach and purchases of.

With regards purchasing of goods, you agree to the terms and conditions of the shipping, sales, taxes, returns and refunds as per outlined on those products.

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